Sunday, June 12, 2011


The 'Fashion WAR drobe', our new born online boutique. A boutique which sell almost all girls's stuff and for the time being, there are bags and blouses for you. So, feel free to shop here :) Shop till drop! Don't surrender yet, the battle has just started :) All are great and affordable for anyone :) I'm sure you will look more Stylish, Fabulous, Awesome, Gorgeous, Sweet and Old school on all those stuffs. Please don't miss it. Our collection is just for you! Yes! Youuuu! 

Will update more soooooonnnn...!

Stylish Purple
Sold Out 

Stylish Light Grey

Code: Stylish
Colour Available: Purple, Light Grey, Grey,  Red, Dark Brown
Size: 28 x18
Price: RM 36 inclusive postage

Fabulous Purple Pink

Code: Fabulous
Colour Available: Purple Pink, Grey, Purple, Black, Dark Brown
Size: 28 x 19
Price: RM 36 inclusive postage

Awesome Beige 

Awesome Pink

Code: Awesome
Colour Available: Brown, Pink, Black, Beige, Coco
Size: 24 x 18
Price: RM 36 inclusive postage

Gorgeous Red 

Gorgeous Dark Brown

Code: Gorgeous
Colour Available: Red, Dark brown, Purple, Light Grey, Grey
Size: 28 x 20
Price: RM 36 inclusive postage

Sweet Cyan Blue

Sweet Pink

Code: Sweet
Colour Available: Cyan Blue, Pink, Purple, Black
Size: 32 x 18
Price: RM 38 inclusive postage

Old School Black 

Old School Maroon

Code: Old school
Colour Available: Black, Maroon, Brown, Pink, Beige, Coco
Size: 27 x 22
Price: RM38 inclusive postage

Code: 001
 Length: 71
Shoulder: 46

Code: 002
 Length: 68
Shoulder: 48

Code: 003
 Length : 70
Shoulder: 48

Code: 004
 Length: 72
 Shoulder: 48cm

Code :005 
Length : 68cm
shoulder: 46cm

Price: RM35 inclusive postage
Status: All Available

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Happy Shopping Girlsssss :))